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  1. Vulture was a heavyweight robot which competed in Series 10 of Robot Wars. It was entered by Team Immersion, whose captain Adam Hamilton had previously entered the Series 8 pilot with Tanto. After reaching the Heat Semi-Final against Terrorhurtz, Vulture settled for fourth place in its heat, withdrawing shortly before its Third Place Play-off. Vulture ran on a two-wheel drive, and was Drive: 2 x 24V motors (W).
  2. Oct 28,  · If you’ve gone looking for raptors on a clear day, your heart has probably leaped at the sight of a large, soaring bird in the distance– perhaps an eagle or osprey. But if it's soaring with its wings raised in a V and making wobbly circles, it's likely a Turkey Vulture. These birds ride thermals in the sky and use their keen sense of smell to find fresh carcasses.
  3. There are 23 vulture species in the world, and at least one type of vulture is found on every continent except Australia and blocenzaphinalu.newslagetfdetosudogtprovimnebugal.infoinfo are relatively adaptable birds found in a range of habitats, including suburbs, but even with that adaptability, 14 species are considered either threatened or endangered.; Vulture species are divided into New World (the Americas and Caribbean) and Old.
  4. Vulture. The vulture is a large, carnivorous bird that is most well known for its scavenging nature. The vulture is one of the few types of bird that is found distributed so widely around the world, as vultures are found on every continent excluding the Antarctic and Australia and the islands that surround it.. Different species of vultures of firstly classified into two groups, the old world Scientific name: Aegypius Monachus.
  5. The Vulture was a large fixed wing, four-engine turboprop military aircraft employed by the Coalition of Ordered Governments in the post-Locust War era. Similar to the Condor, the Vulture was not only capable of deploying DeeBees from the air, but also functioned as a bomber and assault aircraft. It was armed with firebombs and a total of six machine gun turrets mounted on its wings. Its rear Cargo capacity: Large.
  6. 8 synonyms of vulture from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 7 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for vulture. Vulture: a person who habitually preys upon others.
  7. Vulture definition is - any of various large birds (families Accipitridae and Cathartidae) that are related to the hawks, eagles, and falcons but have weaker claws and the head usually naked and that subsist chiefly or entirely on carrion. How to use vulture in a sentence.
  8. May 03,  · Directed by Lawrence Huntington. With Robert Hutton, Akim Tamiroff, Broderick Crawford, Diane Clare. A mad scientist turns himself into a half-man, half-bird monster to avenge the death of his ancestor/10().

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